1 – Organic Growth Assessment and Planning

Building organic growth starts with identifying one or more opportunities, then reinforcing the parts of your company to attract, sell and deliver the business. Our growth approach looks at your company holistically, ensuring that all functions are aligned to make the new business focus successful.

The outcomes of our Organic Growth Assessment are practical ways for you to improve and grow your business. Past improvements have included:

  • Finding new customers that aren’t addressed by current marketing and sales efforts
  • Finding gaps in current product and service offerings to meet more customer needs
  • Better understanding of how, why and where customers purchase to improve sales and marketing efforts
  • Improved pricing to improve profitability
  • Better leverage of technology for marketing
  • Improvements to management reporting to give managers and executives better visibility to company improvement and performance
  • Improved marketing analytics and reporting
  • Improvements in prioritizing sales to address the most profitable opportunities first
  • Improvements in marketing investment to better reach the most profitable customers
  • Improved prioritization of your investment in marketing, sales and service to best take advantage of growth opportunities
  • Refinement of your sales program, balancing growing revenue and profitability
  • Improved sales analytics and reporting
  • Better leverage of technology for selling

Our assessment approach takes a holistic and practical approach to your cycle of marketing to servicing your customers, all aligned with a focal growth strategy. Our analyses are data and evidence-based.

Know your customers

Profile your best customers, understand their unmet needs and understand their lifetime value.

Optimize the Offer

Review branding, match product/service features and functions to customer needs, and analyze pricing

Expand the Base

Understand the efficacy of awareness building, identify compelling messaging, leverage digital marketing

Close the Deal

Align sales force structure with needs, improve funnel management, improve incentives

Retain and Build

Review effectiveness of retention practices and cross-selling/up-selling approaches

Growth Strategy

Prioritize improvements, establish improvement program, recruit team members, identify ways of measuring success

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