4 – M&A: Sign to Close and Beyond

So you have come to terms for your acquisition. You have settled on price, timeline and likely a variety of conditions that will be necessary for your acquisition to be successful.

Hopefully key employees have plans for retention. The assets that are being purchased are clear, including intellectual property, customer relationships, contracts, facilities and more. You have commitments from the sellers to prepare the acquisition for transfer: customer and employee messaging, completed projects, knowledge transfer.

How do you ensure that your carefully crafted plans are executed once the agreement is signed? Do you have the staff capacity to manage this transition work while you keep your current business running? Downeast can help in a few ways:

Integration Management Office

Downeast can provide an M&A expert to run your integration management effort.

  • Develop and manage projects to accomplish integration work with functional leads
  • Develop, manage and report on a financial plan
  • Manage integration project leads, vendors and other staff
  • Report on integration progress

Integration Project Managers with Domain Expertise

Downeast can provide experts with knowledge in key areas of your business to lead integration work such as contracting, vendor management, marketing, sales, and IT.

Each project manager will plan and manage the work to integrate your new acquisition, extending the work and knowledge of your existing and new staff.

Subject Matter Expert Access

Downeast can also arrange for part-time access to subject matter experts in areas such as marketing, sales, and IT to provide you access to missing expertise.

These experts can bring experience to focus on a few key issues of your deal, generally performing analysis and specific tasks where your team needs expertise or added bandwidth.

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