2 – Growth Implementation

Growth Assessments and Planning projects create programs of change to improve your company’s strategy, processes, people and systems, supporting your growth ambitions. Growth implementation typically follows a growth assessment, where plans and objectives are made for your company. However, we are also available to help with your in-house defined growth plan, providing experts in product management, sales, marketing and IT to help you manage your improvement program.

Downeast Consultants uses a very flexible approach to help you implement your growth improvements, as each company has different needs and has different capabilities to enact change. Typical services we offer to help implement your growth initiative are:

Change Program Management Office

  • Downeast provides a program manager/officer to run your program of changes
  • Downeast maintains program roadmap, program financial plans and actuals
  • Downeast organizes improvement work into projects with leaders and actionable plans
  • Downeast provides weekly reporting to growth sponsors, integrating stakeholders into the process as needed

Expert Project Managers

  • Downeast provides project managers to run growth change projects in areas such as marketing improvement, sales improvement, operations/customer service improvements and IT

Subject Matter Experts

  • Downeast can provide part-time subject matter experts in the areas of marketing, sales, operations, customer service or IT to augment the skills, experience and bandwidth of your teams
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