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Serve customers better by using “Little Data”

It’s impossible to read a business publication, blog or LinkedIn post without seeing a reference to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).  Owners of start-ups and mid-size companies, without access to AI and ML techniques, might be forgiven for worrying that they are being left behind.  Fortunately, there are  approaches that use available “Little Data” …

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Does your company speak Growth?

Achieving growth requires everyone in your company to be in sync with your growth program.  This means that leaders and staff talk about growth in the same way, connecting different functions such as marketing, sales, customer service and finance.  Common growth vocabulary can be a powerful enabler of your growth program.

2 – Growth Implementation

Growth Assessments and Planning projects create programs of change to improve your company’s strategy, processes, people and systems, supporting your growth ambitions. Growth implementation typically follows a growth assessment, where plans and objectives are made for your company. However, we are also available to help with your in-house defined growth plan, providing experts in product …

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