Enabling your company growth

At Downeast we are passionate about helping our clients grow their businesses. We are group of senior leaders who have helped dozens of companies grow through organic growth and acquisition.

We bring pragmatic approaches and decades of experience to help your leadership team, board and owners identify opportunities for growth, plan for growth and execute meaningful improvements.

Our approach integrates practical approaches of observing markets, understanding customers, enabling your people and leveraging proven technology to win new business and expand current business.

An initial consult is free. We are excited to meet you and your company.

What are examples of outcomes from Downeast engagements?

  • Expansion of your customer base to new geographies
  • Better understanding of customer needs and purchasing habits using available data to align product features, marketing and sales
  • Expansion of your product mix to “Good”, “Better” and “Best” versions of your product to better meet customer needs
  • Improved ability to reach your target customers and improved lead generation through enhanced digital marketing
  • Growing sales through improvements in hand-offs between company functions – marketing, pre-sales, in-house sales, field sales, customer service
  • Company expansion through an acquisition of one or more companies for product, customer or geographic capabilities

Our solutions generally leverage data and systems, with a preference for ones that you already have. Our solutions always are supported by analytics that you can repeat in the future for continued success.

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